Trapsun Solar Company Review

Trapsun Solar is a licensed California solar energy contractor that claims to be one of the leading solar energy companies in San Diego County, with a 100% customer satisfaction rate over the last three years.

The company has some of the most diverse collection of services in the industry. In addition to solar panel design, installation, and maintenance, they also offer energy consumption analysis, PV solar assessments, and shade study analysis. Their team uses all of the information they gathered to draft a personalized solar proposal that will help curb the property’s energy use, and calculate their expected monthly or annual savings.

Trapsun Solar also offers to do the legal legwork for their customers by securing the necessary building permits for projects, as well as providing solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). These certificates will help with an annual tax-free revenue through the sale of renewable energy credits generated by the solar panel system.

Commercial and Residential Solar Installation, Energy Consumption Analysis, Photovaltaic Solar Assessment, Shade Study Analysis,Solar Proposal, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, Permits
Local Businesses and Homeowners Throughout San Diego County
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