SolarGoGo, Solar Power Services Review

California native SolarGoGo is dedicated to providing solar power assistance to clients in the greater Sacramento area. The company sells and installs solar power equipment to maximize use of the state’s abundant sunlight. Their products range from 1kW to 4kW units, enough to cover a small household to a mid-sized property.

More than that, they also help people with certain skills put up their own photovoltaics. Their in-house solar experts can provide consulting services and relevant packages for those who have knowledge in plumbing and electrical wiring.

SolarGoGo has been in the solar industry since the early days of solar water heating. Their all-inclusive knowledge of solar technology enables them to offer customized products that suit specific customer needs. The company can tailor their services to accommodate certain requirements, installing hundreds of solar electric and hot water systems in the process. More than that, they assist clients even if they plan to use solar power for other purposes.

Solar equipment, installations, consultations
(415) 933-5269 – Local, (800) 601-5757 – Toll-free
4801 Laguna Boulevard, Suite 105, Elk Grove, CA 95758