A1Sun Solar Review

Located in Berkeley, A1 Sun Inc. is one of the leading solar installation companies and advocates of sustainability. They provide installation of solar energy systems for different home and business needs. They have solar photovoltaic and thermal solar energy systems that will fit unique requirements for commercial and residential buildings.

As a family-owned and managed business, they are committed to provide their local community with long-term energy solutions that are affordable, efficient and sustainable. Even their office is solar-powered and they use electric vehicles for logistics-services.

They are innovators in using pre-cycled and recycled environment-friendly materials with uncompromising quality. Their products are built for long-term performance to ensure a convenient, efficient, hassle-free energy source for customers.

They firmly commit to encouraging home and business owners to become socially conscious and sustainable with their energy choices. In addition, A1 Sun Inc. is an Almeda County Certified Green Business and a BBB Accredited Business since 2007.

Commercial and Residential Solar Installation, Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Thermal Solar Energy Systems, Car Charging
Home and Business Owners In Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin and Other Surrounding Areas
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1435 Fourth Street Berkeley CA 94710