Privacy is always a major concern, especially when it comes to dealing with new websites. We’re here to assure any new visitors that aren’t familiar with our site that they have nothing to fear about coming to our corner of the Internet. In fact, we’ve collected all of the privacy related operations of our domain, and put them on one page for your easy perusal. This should also give you a better idea of how this website works in terms of information collection and database security.

Do We Collect Data From Visitors?

Yes. As a solar company with the goal of disseminating information to as many people in the State of California, we offer a service that enables visitors to request quotes from solar panel installation companies that interest them. We’ll need certain pieces of information from interested visitors so we can come back to them with the information they’re looking for.

What Information Do You Collect From Visitors?

We only collect the information that we ask for in the request quote form. This information includes the visitor’s name, e-mail address, and the request proper. We send this information to the solar panel installation company that visitors are requesting the quote from, to assure them that the request is coming from an actual person. Everyone involved in this communication is contractually bound to only communicate with visitors through the contact information provided.

How Do You Protect Given Information?

All the information that visitors trust with us is kept within our own database. The only people who see it are the visitor, our website team, and the solar panel installation company that are getting the request. We don’t sell any of the information that was willingly shared with us. We have both technical and organizational safeguards in place that ensure and assure that nothing meant for sharing leaves our database.

What’s The CAN SPAM Act?

The CAN SPAM Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial e-mail services and communications. It establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients protection in denying further communications at their choosing, and serves severe penalties for violators.

Do You Use Cookies?

We don’t use cookies to track the activity of our visitors. If visitors feel they want to have an additional layer of protection against tracking protocols, they’re free to do so by disabling cookies. But, if visitors do choose to turn off all cookies in their browser settings, some services of the website may not function properly.

Do You Include Third Party Links?

We don’t include third party links to separate services or products on our website.

What is Your Policy Regarding Information from Installers?

In order for us to be able to send the quote requests from visitors, we likewise ask solar panel installation companies to provide us with the means to contact them. Their information is under the same level of protection as that of our visitors. We don’t share them with anyone, and the same three teams will be the only ones that will have access to the information once contact between company and visitor is successfully established.

Feel free to contact us for any details that you may need in relation to the privacy of your information.